Amber & Tom's Beautiful Barn Wedding


When I met Amber and Tom at the wonderful Manor Organic Farm in Long Whatton, the huge barn where their ceremony was going to take place was covered in straw and had cows in it! It was really hard to imagine that I was going to officiate a wedding ceremony there! But when the time came I couldn't believe my eyes as it had been totally transformed! Completely cleaned out, it was even carpeted! There were beautiful flowers everywhere, including a wonderful wedding arch, and gold chairs for the guests.

Amber & Tom b & w

The barn was vast, so there was plenty of room for the choir – the award winning Grand Central Chorus.
The ceremony was fairly traditional but interspersed with songs from the wonderful choir such as ‘I’m Getting Married in the Morning’ and ‘Can’t take my Eyes off You’.

Amber & Tom married

You were very aware of the elements in the barn as the sides were partially open and you could see the fields, which made for a very special atmosphere for a very special couple.

Ev & Tom

Photos by Sarah Salotti.